Thinking about remodeling immediately reminds us words such as masonry, electrical, carpentry and among the most important, budget. A detailed planning will allow us to know what we want and can achieve. And it is precisely the common mistake planning when remodeling this space of our home. To avoid these details we suggest the following:

  1. Develop a project knowing the available space, so you have a realistic idea of what you can achieve compliance without saturating size. Once this in mind, you can use items such as appliances, paint, doors, among other accessories to give a good look to your kitchen.
  2. One of the secrets used in kitchen remodeling is the little-known “work triangle” which is simply the space between the kitchen, the refrigerator and sink. Once respected the space between these three, you can proceed to remodel.
  3. The best investment for your kitchen always a good bell, not only for appearance, but because it provides a fresh and clean air your kitchen, Place it in a spot with flue for extraction is effective.

Finally It is preferable quality rather than poor quality. Remember that your kitchen is part of your home. always looking for a long-term investment that gives warmth to your home as well as an increase in value to your property.

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