Consider the following tips that will provide guidance to replace a broken ceramic of your apartment.

  • Scrape all around the ceramic take away most of the cement, using the edge of a spatula.
  • With the help of a chisel and a hammer, remove the ceramic hitting careful not to break other slabs. It is recommended that you start banging from the center out.
  • After removing the broken pottery, you should stop completely clean surface without glue or cement.
  • Spread the new glue with a spatula.
  • Place the new ceramic and press it well to the sides to adhere. The glue that stands you can clean it with a cloth before it dries you.
  • Spread the paste decorative or white depending on the color of the ceramic by the edges to make it look like the other.

Finally, when everything is dry sandpaper can spend the sides so that the surface is clean and smooth.

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