Welcome to our blog and thanks for visiting. This time we want to share with you some tips before proceeding to paint any room in case you decide to do it yourself and not hire external services.

Before painting a room is important to take into account the following tips:

  1. Take out the furniture in the room. While more furnitures you can take out of the room,  less need to worry about soiling.
  2. Move to center of the room things you can not take out. Objects that can not take out of the room, move it to the center and cover with plastic to protect it from paint spatters. Make sure it is completely covered, as paint penetrates spaces that you can not imagine. The emptier the room is better.
  3. Clean the room. Thoroughly clean the whole place to prevent something can be mixed with paint, we recommend vacuuming and remove all visible dust.
  4. Cover with paper or plastic. Protects the corners of the room so make sure not to stain the floor.
  5. Clean the wall or surface you are going to paint. A simple solution dishwasher works. Use a sponge to clean the walls and then clear all to remove all soap.
  6. Protect doorknobs or rounded objects. Use aluminum foil in places where the tape does not come, as the doorknob or rounded objects.
  7. Repairs far as you can. Unless you have knowledge of repair, do not try to repair more than small holes and cracks in the wall. Seeking a professional.
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