We are a company dedicated to the execution of construction projects, development of architectural plans and remodeling of apartments, offices, buildings and other types of structures. We have a highly trained and experienced professionals team, which makes of us a company of prestige, quality and compliance.

We execute projects fully compliant with all State and Local standards and guidelines. We supply all materials and equipment throughout the completion of the project. In addition, we handle all requests related to permits. We provide engineering studies, disposal or recycling of construction waste and all other activities related to any type of construction and remodeling projects.



Our mission is to execute construction projects, renovation, and development of architectural plans requested by individuals or companies, prior assessment of the proposal documents.

For the execution of construction and renovation projects, we take care to provide the material, labor, equipment, engineering vehicles, tools and services needed. Serinca Construction Group LLC. is composed of a team of professional trained and experienced in the field of construction, remodeling, and construction drafting professionals, always ready to offer the best of their knowledge to carry out the projects.


To perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices